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A sneaky start

The RSA leaders of the event me, Goorg, Phil and Legit used Ventrilo to hold a Chinese parliament type, quick discussion, for most of the major decisions. Goorg was in charge of the forward attack force and would scout out the level of guards and defenders of towers etc, with the remit to take any low level towers he came across.
With Goorg's group being sent ahead to try and claim a quick tower and get us off the mark the rest of the alliance met up off the shores of Caer Erasleigh. Once everybody was gathered we hit Caer Eras's towers 1 and 2 and took them quickly. By this time Goorg's group had taken Caer Eras tower 3. Looking at the war map I could see that LFoM had started simultaneous attacks on Caer Berksteads towers 1 and tower 2. We decided that by taking one of Caer Beno's towers we could cut the Albion port from our north and hopefully direct the Albion Zerg towards Caer Berk's, and LFoM, from their south. The Caer Beno tower fell extremely quickly, so quickly in fact that we had taken 4 towers before LFoM had taken 1. Now we had 2 choices. The first was to travel down the Albion coast and pick off unclaimed towers for easy points or we could cross over the river, separating east and west Albion, and help LFoM with Caer Berkstead. After a quick discussion we sneakily moved over to Caer Berks tower 3 and quickly took it before moving back to Albions west coast.

Now this may seem a strange tactic but it helped us, and more importantly hampered LFoM, in 2 ways. Firstly it prevented LFoM taking the tower and gaining easy points and secondly it gave the Albions the impression that a 100+ force of Midgardians were assaulting Berk's possibly to use it as a base to strike south at Caer Boldiam where the Albs were holding a relic. The plan worked a treat. As soon after moving the RSA zerg back towards Caer Eras a large scale Albion/Midgard battle icon appeared just south of Caer Berkstead. The Albion Zerg had joined the party and decided to try and prevent us from taking Caer Berks. This was just fine by me as RSA had moved and left LFoM to fend for themselves.

First keep down

With LFoM and Albion keeping each other busy RSA had free reign over the Albions entire west coast. We quickly took towers up and down the land, including towers from a relic keep, with no or very little resistance from the Albions. When we were winning by a score of 8 towers to LFoM's 3(and the fact that LFoM had been wiped at least once) we decided we could waste some time having a crack at a keep.

Caer Eras was the obvious choice and so we set to it. We knew that taking a keep would allow LFoM a quick port to Albion but also it would allow us a quick route to bring in fresh siege equipment and also open the Albion frontiers to the 1337 Midgard gank groups. Hopefully this would create even more diversions for the Albions and keep them off our backs. With LFoM being wiped we fully expected to get the brunt of the Albion zerg whilst taking down the keep. Well we did get attacked in the back whilst on the inner door but it was once again the Hibernians and not the Albions who attacked us. This delayed our assault somewhat but not by much and we soon had Caer Eras taken.

At this point we knew we had won the competition. There was no way that LFoM was going to manage to take a keep now that the Albion zerg was roaming around it's frontiers.

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Quote of the Day

Kathal Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 10:36 am LFoM leaders forum
....If we don’t have that the rule is useless unless I act a bit like a dictator and decide when ppl cross the "line" and I don’t want that.
Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2005 7:26 am LFoM leaders forum
To avoid the situation where I act like a /as dictator...........
Kathal claiming 'I don't want to be a dictator'
Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2005 1:22 pm
If there is anything in the rules that should be changed its that when a guild join they don’t have a say when it comes to the rules for 6 months
FFS get your whining arses out of the alliance or accept the rules. If not we are out of here and you can keep your alliance for yourself.

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2005 11:41 am
Accept that your "I think" and "You should" comments are a /taunt so stop it.
Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2005 11:41 am
So why do I have a short fuse? I don’t want those long discussions anymore.
So I move towards kicking guilds that don’t accept/enforce our rules. I do that to make everything easy for ME!!!

Trying to remove the ability for members to have a say on the rules. Telling people to stop 'taunting' the leaders by making suggestions. Removing anybody who disagrees with you to make your life easier as a leader. Oh no definitely not a dictator then!