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The History Of Red Shadows

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Aereth's History

Below is Aereth's (going by the name of Kesla) first history of the Red Shadows. This was posted on our first forums roughly 1 and a half years into RS's birth. It gives a different persons view on the difficulties of starting a guild and how we snowballed in numbers after survivng that first 6 months.

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2004 3:14 pm Post subject: A brief history of the Red Shadows guild.

Ste has been bugging me for awhile about this so here it is.

A brief history of the Red Shadows guild.

Loosing Faith.

Long ago a small but friendly guild, called Faith No More, roamed the realm of Midgard. Not the biggest, nor the best of guilds, but by far the friendliest guild about at the time. Times were good, we had a small and friendly alliance and people were happy. Mid June 2003 all this drastically changed. Things fell apart, the guild crumbled and the Faith was lost. Due to a merge of two guilds, one being alliance guild Korpens Skugga and Svea Rike, and all the still shrouded circumstances around that merge, Faith No More was left with very few high level characters and a bunch of non 50’s not invited in the merge for one reason or other. Not that Faith No More was not, or wanted to be part of the merge anyways as one of the policies in the new guild was Swedish only, thus making it impossible for us with our members from all across Europe. With broken spirit and lost Faith, we discussed what to do.

From the ashes a Shadow shall spring

In the despair and gloom Ste stood up and started the Red Shadows guild. The view and goal was the same as Faith No More: To have fun and enjoy the game. With renewed hope we joined him trying to make the best of the situation. We restarted the alliance with the old alliance guilds, with the exception of the newly merged guild of course. The main rule of the alliance was, and still is today, that alliance chat is open for all guild members. Slowly but steadily we regained our footing, struggling to find our place in Midgard once again. The guild started to grow. Not fast admittedly, but we found/got found by likeminded realm mates. We expanded the alliance with likeminded guilds and started to find our place once again. Steadily we grew to make our mark on Midgard.

Red Shadows rising

During the spring of 2004 the guild has almost exploded. The member count has literally gone thru the roof. As of Thursday 28/10 2004 we have 148 active members according to Dusk Wave ( ). That makes us the second largest guild in Midgard, and the third largest on the Excalibur server member wise. (That is not counting Aegirs Adventures and it’s equivalents in Alb and Hib.) Mid September we had 46 members online prime time, which is far more than I think anyone expected when Red Shadows started.

We are actively doing all kinds of raids, from Tuscarian Glacier raids to Master Level raids and whatsnot raid. Only field we’re not that active in is Realm versus Realm war-fair, but that may yet come.

Tribute to The Red Shadow

Was this what Ste had in mind when he started Red Shadows? He might have had a vision, he might not have had one, but here we are bigger and better than ever. What the future has in store for Red Shadows I don’t know, but I believe that if we nurture what we have today, there will be nothing we can’t do tomorrow. So all Red Shadows; Keep up the good work and remember why we are here: To have fun. This is my tribute to Ste, the man who has inspired me more than anyone and stopped me from quitting the game many a time, and to all the Red Shadows out there helping and inspiring the best guild in Midgard.

The Red Shadow glows
As the red blood flows
Saluting you all

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